“Don’t worry too much. It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.”~ Ji Ho, because this is my first life. 

It is normal to beat yourself up for making so many mistakes. Making your own decisions will eventually become frustrating. So you start asking others what to do, which makes you overly reliant on other people's judgments and opinions. You believe that you are unable to follow your heart or do the right thing. You gradually begin to be perceived as a people-pleaser because you depend too much on other people's approval.

But, Dear Reader, Do you know this is your first life? You are not omniscient, so how can you expect to make predictions and prevent mistakes throughout your life? The only deliberate mistake you make is repeating the same error 'thrice'. The first time is an honest error, the second is your final chance, and the third is a charm. Or is this not your first life?

Making mistakes is human. Repeating ‘em is too ~ Malcom Forbes

Mistakes, as Malcom Forbes famously stated, are what define humanity. Did you pass the "take this test to prove you're human" test that appeared on your screen? If not, you may certainly blame yourself for your mistakes. But, if you did, are you aware that mistakes are what make you human? Only the omniscient knows and sees everything. You don't need to start criticizing yourself for that split second when you could have taken a different path; instead, create another path for yourself and widen it to accept future mistakes.

Who has credit enough in this world to pay for his mistakes? ~ Edward Dahlberg 

As long as this is your first life, you surely do not have enough credit. This article isn't to encourage you to make mistakes, no. It is to encourage you to move from your mistakes. There may be a hundred quotes about how you did the mistake on your own volition, a thousand fingers pointing at you, and a million regrets running through your mind, but remember that you are just human. It's your first life. If this were your second life, you could be judged; however, because this is your first life, no one can. Everyone is experiencing life for the first time, therefore whether or not you make mistakes, everything is new to you. Only mistakes lead to discoveries, and only discoveries are recorded in history. Learn from your mistakes, avoid doing them again, keep drinking water, and stay human.

“To those living this moment, with all of my sincerity, I wish you the best of luck. Because this is everyone's first life.”- Ji Ho. 

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