The Hidden Facts About Chinese Bamboos - How It Applies to You

As humans, we tend to be very firm on knowing how food crops and flowers blossom properly when they're given all they need in nutrients as well as in TIME. Then why do we worry when it seems like we are still growing?

There's a very popular parable about the Chinese Bamboo. How that, a Chinese bamboo tree takes five full years to grow. That would be approximately 1,825 days. However, in these five years, the Chinese bamboo tree has to be watered and fertilised, daily, in the ground it has been planted.

And you know what is golden? This special tree does not fully blossom for these five years.

Yet, after these five years, once it blossoms, it grows 90 feet tall in five weeks. It doesn’t break through the ground for five years but after five years, once it breaks through the ground, it will grow 90 feet tall in five weeks! 

The Prosperity Ark

Here's a quick word from my heart to us all:

That it has not grown in five years does not mean it is not growing. That you cannot see it yet or have not seen it yet, does not mean it will not be seen eventually.

Someone might be saying, “Oluwabukola, why did it have to take five years?” It had to take five years because, after these five years, it grows so tall in five weeks that it becomes an enigma and edifice that cannot go unnoticed. It cannot be ignored.

So, let your heart be at peace. Let it be at rest. While you're working, be rest assured that success is certain. You're growing and you're growing beautifully well. It's time to reminisce and show appreciation for how far you've come. You're a saviour. You have answers to questions, no one else does. 

Be patient with your growth process. Grow but never entertain delay either! In delay,you cannot sense any growth or progress.

One more thing to learn is that there's quite something special about the number five, in the Chinese Bamboo's story. In all, Let's not give up. Let's go up. Let's grow up.

It's success o’clock.

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