4 Reasons You Might Be Reluctant to Start Your Business

In a survey taken among youths in the world, only about thirty percent were inclined to go into business though about eighty-eight percent of parents wished their children could go into business. What is the reason for this great disparity? In this write-up,I will go into some factors and how they can be overcome.

One reason why I have seen so many youths cower at the sight of new innovations is the fear of failing when they start. The commonly asked questions and excuses are, "How do I get customers?", "I am too shy to advertise", or "How do I get resources for my business?"

However, without starting, how do you know if you will succeed or fail? At least, start from where you are and see if you will flop or not!

Other people have mindset problems, that is, seeing business as a tough, Herculean task. They believe they cannot survive the stress of running a business or having workers under them.

Another funny reason I have seen youths run from business is their poor view of people with money!

How absurd! Like having money, it is not a crime to have money. Now,I'm not advocating 'loving money mindlessly' ; instead, understand the use of money, be a master of money and do not grovel before money. It is a business person who understands the use of money that enjoys it! Do not attempt to have a poor mindset, never!!!

Now, you might be a student or a professional worker and you might think,"Well, I do not need this now", absolutely not! You need it, as a student, your business is your studies, your clients are your lecturers, you learn to recognize and take opportunities in your school.

As a professional worker, your boss is your client, your workplace is your business, learn how to do it with your utmost best.

Best of luck!🥂

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