Optimism 101: 4 Easy Steps to a Happier You

All around, everyone talks about how your mindset affects you either at your job or as a student or as a married fellow. 

According to the English Dictionary, mindset means a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how a person responds to situations.

Majorly, a man's outlook on life is either positive or negative; in the same manner, the mind is flexible enough to be adjusted to see a better world. This means that you don't always stay pessimistic and if you aren't deliberate enough, you won't always be optimistic.

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The pessimistic mindset takes no one anywhere because it breeds entitlement, dependency and sometimes suicidal thoughts. However, an optimistic individual enjoys growth, enjoys staying in process and remains happy at all times.

How Are We to Develop An Optimistic Mindset?

1. Approaching situations from a positive viewpoint.

In life, we come across issues which seem to swallow us up and we do not know the way forward. There is a lot of pressure placed on us at school, at work and with our marriage partners and this makes our thoughts start getting darker and darker and darker as the days go by. We mull over it all and we conclude that was the end of all there is to us; but at the end of the day, there is always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. We should always learn to approach life's situations bearing in our minds that we will not be conquered. This is easier done when we actively get rid of the Que Sera Sera attitude and fight for our happiness with all we've got.

2. Getting rid of the entitlement mindset.

Recently, I read a news article and came across a sentence,  "A leader is to ensure that his people are well-fed."

When I read that statement, two thoughts popped up - "You see? Our leaders are supposed to feed us!" and "Oh, I must ensure my people are well-fed!" This made me see that in every situation in life, there are 'the masses' thoughts that is, the way everyone else who does not intend to prosper thinks and there are 'the optimistic' thoughts that is, a person who sees an opportunity to grow in every situation.

To live as an optimist, you must start by seeing things from the standpoint that no one owes you anything - not the government, your boss, your lecturers or even your parents! Now, do not get to the extreme and not ask for your salary from the government or your boss but if your boss decides not to give you out of the tips you got as a business that month, it's not your right as long as you've received your salary.

Therefore, no one is expected to spoon-feed you through life.

3. Learn how to improvise and improve.

Resources might not be one hundred per cent available especially in certain countries but, this shouldn't mar our optimism towards life. Likewise, resources might be in excess and so, one gets confused about how best to make use of them. The ability to improvise and improve is what builds happiness to maintain one's optimism.

Life abhors mediocrity and punishes timidity, therefore you have to hone your skills to the best of your ability with whatever minimal or abundant resources you have.

4. Learn to smile.

Gbemi Writes Blog

A smile makes your face shines and prevents you from growing old easily. It's in the presence of good health that you can provide world-changing solutions. There are more than enough beautiful sights to behold in life than keeping a tough and aloof face at all times.

Smile! Smile! Smile! It'll help you a lot.

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