Beyond Fear: Unlocking a World of Opportunities with a Fearless Attitude - Minasu

In this week's issue of Personality Unveiling, The Prosperity Ark visited the owner of a fast-rising clothing brand, Minasu. In his interview, Minasu emphasized the fact that he had no fear concerning his future aspirations and takes our correspondence on the journey of what holds his beliefs.

The Prosperity Ark

GWC: Can we meet you?

MINASU: I am Samuel Minasu Hunpe. I am an Entrepreneur, graphic designer and a student. I am the founder of Minasu branding and design agency and the owner of the Minasu clothing brand. 

GWC: You recently started your business. How did you feel when you received your first orders?

MINASU: I started Minasu clothing brand in April 2022. I was excited when I received my first order. 

I feel the joy of every business owner is to add value to people, make sales and witness the growth of their business from time to time.

GWC: Wow! I know right! Getting your first orders could be that exhilarating! 

So what are your aspirations for the future?

MINASU: My aspirations for the future is to become the largest faith-based apparel store partnering with significant textile brands.

GWC: Awesome!!! I love that you have a big dream like this and I hope it comes to fruition with speed sir.

MINASU: (Smiles) Amen! 

GWC:As regards your dreams and aspirations, what is/are your greatest fear(s)?

MINASU:  2 Timothy 1:7(For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline) has always been my anchor therefore, I have no fear concerning my dreams and future aspirations.

GWC: Hmmm...the ways of God never fail.

GWC: What has been your source of strength in times when you felt like quitting?

MINASU: God has been my source of strength in times when I felt like quitting. I always remember that if He gave up on humanity, He would not have sacrificed his son for us. I also remember that my product is a blessing to someone out there and I would stop being a blessing to someone whenever I quit.

GWC: Wow, other business people must see this!

GWC: What other things do you do apart from being a businessman?

MINASU:Apart from being a businessman, I am a second year student currently studying Physics at Nigeria's premier University, The University of Ibadan.

GWC: Cool!

In view of that, I think physics is nowhere related to business, so, what and who inspires you?

MINASU: Jayden LaGrande inspires me. He is the founder of 316 collections. He started his business in the trunk of his mother's car and kept on going despite every limitation. He is now making sales of several millions of dollars.

GWC: So, I can infer that Jayden was one of the major pushes for you...Amazing!

What would you love to say to encourage other students who do businesses?

MINASU: What I would love to say to encourage other students who own or run a business is to have a purpose, stay focused and trust the process.

GWC: (Looks for my notepad) Thank you sir!

GWC:What do you think about the Nigerian Academic Sector? What things do you hope to see improvements on?

MINASU: The current status of the Nigerian Academic sector is not commendable. I think the government should prioritise the educational sector and allocate more funds to set up new structures and systems to aid the growth of this sector.

GWC:And, I hope that happens as soon as possible!

If you do not mind sir, can you share your social media accounts so that our audiences can reach you with ease?

MINASU: I do not mind at all.

My business account is on Instagram and my personal accounts are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn.

GWC: Thank you so much for your time sir, personally, I learnt a lot from you and I wish you quantum leaps in all you do sir!

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