How Diligence Can Unlock Your Path to Prosperity: A 4-Step Guide

Should I be successful?

How Diligence Can Unlock Your Path to Prosperity: A 4-Step Guide

The normal human response is to ask if it was a matter of choice to be successful or not and because we have been trained by society that success lies in the hands of "fate", we can respond to that question with Que Sera Sera.

However, it is normal for you to wish to be prosperous and thinking that way does not make you a bad guy either. Although, growing up, our television screens have graced us with movies depicting the wealthy guys as the " bad guys" and in a quiet corner of our hearts, although we want to have money, we do not want to be known as a bad guy and so, we are stuck in a dilemma.

It is an unchanging fact that poverty and illnesses are indeed ravaging some parts of the world and your heart might be spinning with loads of ideas on how to help them but it doesn't change the fact that you must prosper first before you can help. You can't be broke in the country you reside in and be planning to help people from war-torn countries. Human selfishness, which is really not selfishness, is that you will seek your personal settlement first before any other thing.

This is why, in this journey of prosperity, you must settle who you are first and what your motive to prosper is. You must have a blueprint-like image of what you will use your wealth to do when it comes and you will begin to prosper at the level of who you are.

One of the easiest ways to prosper is by diligence. Diligence pushes you out of your comfort. It is a seed you must sow to get a harvest of prosperity.

           THE TIPS

1 Pay attention to training.

Training is energised by information. Listen to people, especially successful people in your field of interest, watch how they operate and ask questions where possible. Read books about their biographies, read interviews about them, learn to briddle your tongue and ask questions about why they made certain decisions at certain times. In the course of your training, don't be led by your emotions - it will destroy you. Think with your head and act with all your heart.

2. Pay attention to details.

Accept corrections to minute details on what you do. Let the statement, "Is it not good enough?" be deleted from your choice of vocabulary. Be ready to ask, "Can I do better?" Learn to smile in the face of criticism and accept corrections with an open heart. Do not see your critics as your enemies, instead, see them as the helpers that will help you become a better person.

3. Pay attention to outcomes.

This is when you notice your results aren't forthcoming to the extent of your efforts. Speak out, seek help and move out of your comfort zone. Doing this will help broaden your horizon.

How Diligence Can Unlock Your Path to Prosperity: A 4-Step Guide

Practicalize weighing your efforts against results, you can draw a graph if need be, have an association of people who do the same thing you do and build friendly relationships with them. This will help you when you come across stumbling blocks.

4. Put your best into your presence and product.

Let what you do be world-class. Be one hundred per cent excellent at a given task. Be honest enough to ask yourself particular questions. One example is; "Can I buy what I'm presenting at the moment?", " Can my product stand side-by-side with internationally recognised ones?". 

Be shameless about getting your products out to people, build your physical and online presence, train on how to improve your business' mode of operation and watch as many nations run after you to get your services.

Finally, learn to evaluate your product from a client's point of view. Stop being pathetic about complaints! Accept it, reorganise your product and move on! 

As a career person, place yourself in your boss' position and ask yourself if you have worked to the best of your ability. Never withdraw your ability to be excellent just because "the business isn't yours".

No successful person out there succeeded by mistake, it came as a harvest of diligence planted and watered by the nitty-gritty of the process.


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