Process or Delay


Life is not a bed of roses, there are ups and downs here and there. What keeps us pressing on as humans is the full assurance that we have an expected bright end. Sometimes, it seems like everything is moving with a speed as slow as that of a tortoise, sometimes, it seems like we are running with the speed of a cheetah. In all, we are in a continuous process of development. 

Meanwhile, there are times one isn't moving at all, one keeps going round in circles and never has a tangible output. That is a delay. 

How can you as a person determine then if you are in a slow process or tangled in delay?

Assurance comes with process but delay is the mother of frustration

Check yourself if you are still enthusiastic about what you are doing. Not a forced enthusiasm this time but an enthusiasm that stems from the fact that there is definitely a great harvest in what you are doing. Delay makes you feel like you're wasting your time and you end up being frustrated.

A person in process wants to try new innovations but in delay, innovative ability is dead

A person who feels he is wasting his time wouldn't want to think of ways to develop himself and even if he has ideas, he wouldn't want to develop it. However, a person who is in the "School of process" wants to try new ideas, concepts and innovations because of the hope burning in him.

Process carries with it clarity per time which is not so in delay

If you are in process, you will know what to do, how to go about it and know the results to expect from it but if you are currently tangled in delay, you would not be sure if what you are doing might yield good results and this will dampen your morale.

Now, you might ask yourself if it is worth it to go through "process" in life, join me here tomorrow as I show you why you need to go through it.


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