Why Go Through Process?


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 Yesterday, we talked about what to expect when you are in process or delay. Delay is a word we are all familiar with in a way, but it seems very few people in the world populace knows and acknowledges "process".

I was walking through the classroom corridors when I heard Bill and Jill talking. Bill was lamenting about the fact that he had a lot of texts to read prior to his exams the next day, while Jill, giggling, kept playing his computer games. Bill, in his frustration asked Jill if he wasn't bothered at all and in response, Jill replied, "Why bother when my seat mate can teach me?". I was surprised and then, I realized that "process" isn't a common phenomenon around.

Now,in this scenario, both Bill and Jill could actually pass the examination exceedingly well but the one who got a better value was Bill who read over and over. Reading doesn't make a student excellent neither does it make you dumb but the value Bill has learnt while patiently going through his books stays with him forever.

As an individual, when you learn the art of staying with the process, results nevertheless, you achieve more than a person who only cares about the results without following the appropriate steps. 

Years later, Bill and Jill might get jobs and the one who is able to retain his job is Bill who had learnt patience, tenacity and honesty. Jill might learn in the long run, but he would have lost time, resources and some opportunities.

In essence, like an athlete, process is the training ground for your "championship's race".

My Challenge, Your Challenge

Will you go through process henceforth?🤔

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