4 Arts of Effective Listening

There are so many people talking, and so many voices are being heard per day. But how many people listen? How many voices are being listened to?

There is an art to listening. Yes, listening doesn't only entail being in the presence of the speaker but it also covers understanding what the speaker says and being able to reproduce it in one's own words without mincing meaning.

How Do You Listen Effectively?

Let the other person do the talking.

One way in which communication dies is when the supposed listener takes the place of the speaker. Learn to wait till the other person is done expressing himself before you give your opinions.

Show respect to other people's opinions.

Kate bought some food for Jane but Jane gave it out and told Kate; Kate could replying either of the two ways below:

"You could have eaten the food but you chose to give it out, I'm disappointed!" and "The food was meant for you but since you've given it out, I will try to buy more than a portion next time".

The two statements above convey the same thoughts from Kate but they were delivered in different ways. The first way could make Jane feel bad and sad but the second method could make Jane know that she wasn't supposed to give out the food without making her look or feel bad.

As a listener, respect whoever is speaking to you. They might be sharing their deepest pain and you, replying like a critic might make matters worse.

Try to see from the other person's point of view

Try as much as possible to be flexible in your thoughts. Find out from what point of view the person speaking to you considers the matter.

We view situations differently and so, other people's opinions might not be in line with yours. Do not start an argument unnecessarily.

Engage the speaker actively. 

This reduces boredom while communicating. Ask questions and s, and dramatise their ideas to be sure you got them right. Make eye contact at intervals. 

One more important thing, try not to be involved in other activities when you're being talked to. It's infuriating when the person you speak to is being absent-minded.

 Okayyy😂, I'm sure you might be wondering why I'm listing dos and don'ts to you like an overbearing boss(lol). It's not compulsory but it's expedient, friends. 

So, I hope I'm forgiven?🙈

And I believe you're gonna make changes right?

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