Taking Risks

Hi, loved readers,

Trust you're having a beautiful day today?

I know you might be wondering what my headliner means right?

Yes, it is what you read. Taking risks!

I have noticed that big things do not start big, they start small. If you wait for things to be calm before you start, you might never start forever. Also, you don't have to be sloppy because what you're doing is still on a small scale. Every field of practice has its challenges. Your prosperity is not a destination, it is a process. (Learn more about process here).

3 Things to do to Make Your Risk-taking Actions Count

Be disciplined

Discipline sets a man apart to prosper. There is a touch of excellence and creativity in whatever a disciplined person does. 

Discipline with money is also important to learn. Have a proper account book to monitor your cash flows.

Have Personal Integrity

You prosper under your own supervision. Yes, in previous blogs, I mentioned that you might need to be accountable to someone to help you grow but when you deceive the person who ought to help you, there's no way you can justify all the risks you've undergone.

Learn to set your priorities right

Misplaced priorities make some of our actions seem useless. Why would you splurge your money on drinks when you just started a business? Set your priorities right; do things that add value to you first before you do things that give you pleasure.

My question for you today is; How high is your risk quotient?

Author's note: Hi, dear readers, thank you for always reading, sharing and commenting. I love you dearly.

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