3 Tips on How to be Happy

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Nowadays, it's a rare sight to see a truly happy person - I mean one who is happy with no strings attached or without faking it. Happiness doesn't necessarily mean smiling or not smiling or being approachable or not. It is the sense of inner peace you have when everything is fine or when all is turbulent. A happy person doesn't allow situations to determine his or her mood. 

Yes, a happy person does not respond to 'mood swings. Are you truly happy?

Anyways, if you're not a happy person or you're finding it hard to maintain your state of happiness; I've got some solutions for you!

1. Create an atmosphere of joy with the good relationships around you

Your ability to maintain quality relationships with your family, friends, spouse and neighbours goes a very long way to help you remain happy. You esteem and respect everyone equally causing you to get along with them easily and everyone is happy in the end!

The Prosperity Ark

2. Take care of your health

I haven't seen an ill person truly happy. No one loves to get sick right? 

To keep your happiness dear friends, take appropriate care of your health. Avoid unhealthy practices as much as possible, sleep when needed, and eat well and you will see yourself leading a happy life.

3. Work and Financial independence

Opportunities come in an overall called "work". As much as most people want opportunities, they do not want to work, so they watch as opportunities skip past them.

No!!! You must work!!!

Having something to do gives an individual a sense of assurance and consciously or unconsciously, that determines the level to which such an individual is happy and ready to improve his world.

You might say I'm wrong but then, ask yourself if you are always truly excited when you have no dime on you with no hope of reimbursement soon.

Your Meditation.

Your happiness is your responsibility. Do all you can to keep it intact!

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