Is There A Need To Save?


In society today, flamboyant living is no longer an absurd thing. 

Children and teens splurge money like there's no tomorrow and adults are involved in self-gratifying activities without remorse. It becomes a default setting for everyone to be in a race with one another to show who is better, who buys more and who is richer.

As awesome as all of these sounds, there is a place of caution that when no man takes note of it, a blossoming source of income might as well reach its end.

Everyone must know that nothing is too small to be saved, and neither is anything too big to be spent. The need to save imbibes in an individual a sense of discipline and responsibility. A person who is a spender finds it hard to be a disciplinarian.

Saving, however, should never be for "rainy days". Because it has been proven by experience that saving for rainy days brings a lot of rainy days your way. Instead, saving should be done for future investments.

Imagine a training, worth $10000 being done for $1000, but because you have refused to save, you have only $100, how disappointing will that be?

Being a big spender doesn't help you get anywhere, instead, it might even hinder your growth and cause you to lose favour with me. Wisdom requires that you learn the way of the simple and how to save.

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