Forever Babies

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Recently, everything looked so bleak

Contracts within my reach slip, 

I ran after some deceiving opportunities and somehow it was like a futile chase.

I was the mantis, my mind, the cicada 

but I wasn't aware that right behind me was an oriole looking for an opening to jump at me.

Stalking, peeking, following, lurking,

A never-ending vicious cycle.

I saw a flicker, it beckoned to me.

But, in my folly, I didn't realise it was deceit.

I followed through and lo, I was in a loop once more.

Tangles, self-hatred, fear, tears,

It was a daily dose.

Then that hoarse voice told me, 

Take it three times a day,

Seven days a week,

Four weeks non-stop.

I shook my head,

I knew I shouldn't heed but my willpower was only this strong.

I wasn't about to seek help,

After all everyone only wants to poke a scalpel at your sore

and pour in a bucketful of salt.

Helpless, hopeless, without a future.

Then, the Hillsong rhythm burst forth.

Very far away but the love wrapped me strongly.

I blinked, I had forgotten my true love.

Will He take me back?

After all, I had dropped the assignment He gave me,

I had ignored the vision from the beginning,

Fame, money, more fame, more money has driven me to the point of no return…

Will He take me back!?

Hysteria could not describe my condition,

Yet, I kept hearing those singing angels.

It was balm to my weary soul and a gentle voice to my aching soul.

The very help I needed at that time.

Will You take me back!!?

I screamed once again.

I thought He was going to be mocking,

Everyone else was…

But, the tender loving smile was what He gave me,

Applied medications to my sores and gave me a new hope.

The vision redefined, mission refired, never retiring!

I will take you back, 

I have taken you back, 

I never left you…

Because I knew you that as a baby, you needed to be in my cocoon.

Gbemi Writes Blog

He told me in His still, peaceful voice.

I cried, not the loud type but the tears of silent regret

Because I had wasted time hoping He would take me back

When I had always been with Him.

My vision was always meaningful.

I was valuable and out of me, I saw fresh energy burst forth.

For the prosperity ark,

Fully loaded with fame, money and the vision raised high!

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