5 Ways to Develop a Personality of Excellence

This month has been really pivotal for me and it got me thinking about what people need for them to do well in life. Does it matter where they come from, does the government of the day determine it or is their success reliant on their qualifications? And suddenly, it came to my mind that we need all-around personal development sessions. One that will make someone at the backside of the desert, a 360°  excellent individual. One that will cause a man who has been whipped silly by life to rise and declare that he could never go broke again and one that makes a sure failure to become a success.

The Prosperity Ark

However, excellence is not cliché, instead, it is amoral and takes up the character of the person exhibiting it so, don't get reluctant to become excellent at whatever you do because someone you know has no good character.

Henry Ford once said, "Anyone who stops learning, starts growing old".  


This shows that it doesn't matter if you're 10 years or 120 years, you must be intentional about adding to your wealth of knowledge daily.

Excellence means doing things well. Now, excellence is not perfection. When you do your utmost best, you are said to be excellent. And this character can be cultivated- I said character because excellence is a character that must be learned, imbibed and acted out. All you need to do is have enough grit and determination to pull it off.

How To Develop A Personality of Excellence.

1. Learn and do

It's not enough to learn daily, but to do. How well do you practise what you learn?

A person who wants to excel will practise as much as he can all that he has learnt. This will make your character get sharpened and refined to the very best as you grow older.

2. Commitment

To stay committed to a cause might not be the most interesting thing on Earth to do but it pays a lot because every fibre of your being becomes what you practise as a habit daily. So, an excellent person sets goals and strives to stay committed to them in order to succeed in the end.

3. Writing and rewriting your life goals

Due to some unavoidable human limitations, goals which have been written might not be met. But what differentiates an excellent man from the crowd is that such a man rewrites such goals and presses on to achieve them. To excel, you don't have to give extreme reactions to certain issues that might happen to you.

The Prosperity Ark

Pick yourself up, write your goals again and move on with a fresh zeal.

4. Discipline

To achieve excellence, another important thing to inculcate is discipline. Discipline with your timing, discipline with your vision, discipline in the way you talk and how you relate with other people. You cannot walk life without a sense of discipline and still expect to excel.

5. Evaluate yourself

As much as possible, learn to have a board meeting with yourself. Be the CEO, CFO, secretary, everything you need to be for you to live an organised life. Don't live life haphazardly but instead, let your life be filled with composure and integrity. Learn to identify how far ahead you are from your goals, where you are lagging, what your weaknesses are, and who you can talk to about your problems.

Be honest with yourself while carrying out your evaluation so that you can know where to improve and where to just brush up.

After a month of regular practice, you will have formed a new habit of continuous personal improvement that can carry 

you onward and upward for the rest of your life.

Cheers to a better you!🥂

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