4 Ways To Maintain Excellence In What You Do

An average individual wants to be recognised for what he or she does. They want to be recognised as "the best" either by virtue of human arrangement or by virtue of having tried their possible best. Either way, recognition brings a sense of self-pride to everyone.

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But, I have noticed that the more anxious about something you are, the less likely it is for you to do well in it. That's probably why the rate of success in the world today is very low. Only a selected few maintain their excellence and interest all round; every other person burns out and does not improve at all.

An excellent spirit is the backbone of success for any successful man or woman on Earth. Being excellent is not cliché, it is the response to the success in you; meaning that success can be developed because if it has never crossed your mind, then, it will never enter your hands.

Success starts when you have the picture in your heart of yourself as "THE SUCCESS", it begins the very moment you perceive yourself as victorious no matter what circumstances you're enshrouded by. How you respond to it and how others view it is called excellence.

In this article, I'll be highlighting some important methods which have been tested and approved by yours truly on how to maintain that initial excellence in whatever you find yourself doing.

Learn to lay hold on the intangible.

All you see is not all there is to life. There is much more you can push to work. Having the mentality and picture of being "The Success" is not enough, your response to that picture is your hard work.

Doing all you do to the best of your ability and having a motto of taking no excuse for yourself. Working smart, consistently and hard are the few ways you can maintain your excellence.

Understand that there is a principle that makes things work.

Whatever you have read, be it motivational books, professional books, biographies or maybe articles like this one, always remember that these are not necessarily for you to copy and paste. It is for you to determine your own method out of everybody else's experience. 

It serves as a path creator for you to tread upon. However, desperation to directly become like one of these authors or characters in a book will push you to a point of no return where you will find it hard to grab a hold of yourself.

Sit down and study before drawing out a pattern that is uniquely yours.

See outstanding results everywhere you are.

It is a common occurrence to see workers complain about their bosses; but, you should always keep in mind that there is no reason for you to be lackadaisical about whatever jobs you're given to do.
Learn to see outstanding results even if you have been sent to work in a desert. 

All of this boils down to the pictures in your heart which determine how you react. When you have the picture that whatever you do prospers, even if you were taken to the backside of the whole world, you will see the resources in abundance made available for you right there so much so that others who think they are at the greener pastures will leave their place and start seeking you out. 

Learn thoroughness in what you do.

On this, learn to ask yourself, "Can I employ myself?". It means that you have put yourself in your boss' place and tried to see from his view. 

If you are the type of person even you cannot employ, then, that is great wickedness! You're advised to retrace your steps.

When you lack thoroughness as a person, you are gradually killing the fabric of what makes you qualified to be called a human.

In short, do all things to the best of your ability and be ready to work on yourself at an available opportunity.

Whew! Dear reader, all of these are very easy to inculcate and once you have practised to an extent, you will find out that it is now hard for you to subscribe to mediocrity.

Till then, keep winning!💪💪💪

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