Fiction: I Won The Giveaway! - 3 Sure Tips to Success

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Giveaways are gifts which come from a little competition among a set of people where the winner or fastest fingers get to win the prize.

It was a Sunday morning just like every other Sunday and it was time to make announcements in church. Then, the sister in charge announced the giveaway and of course, everyone was excited. I could feel my heart palpitating wildly and you have to know that all my life, I had never won a giveaway, so I was expectant and at the same time, there was a little voice in my head telling me not to bother.

Back to the sister who was making the announcements, she brought out four books, one of which I had been wishing to get because one of the dear men to me always tells me that his success story started after reading that book. I knew other people wanted the book too, so I decided to listen attentively to the question. She then said, "The candle of visibility is lit upon your head; whoever can demonstrate this visibility best should get this book." Everyone was screaming and demonstrating just how visible they could be, myself included but I decided to take an extra step. I stood up from my seat and jumped up, waved my hands and danced around and believe me, it was awkward doing all that while everyone else was in their seats and guess what? I got my desired book! (I keep blushing each time I remember this).

This process has made me realise that life is very fair to everyone and how much you get out of it is determined by how much you take. Life punishes timidity and responds to the loud voice of force which is why most people in their quest to take the goodies of life by force resort to violence. From my experiences that Sunday morning, I was able to coin out three things that helped me get my win.

1. I got control over my emotions

A man's emotions can impact the way he thinks. The emotions of joy, sadness, disappointment or euphoria go a long way in determining what the mindset of an individual is shaped into.

One's emotions are trained over time which is why you have situations you find funny and laugh while another person will find the same situation boring.

In that scenario, I had never won any give-away all my life so, there was a tendency for me to have the victim's mindset where I feel like freebies were never made for me and I had to struggle to get everything. However, I got the win because I was able to lay hold of my emotions and not get discouraged whatsoever, I rose to take my gift and I got it.

The world is full of opportunities everywhere, it is only lacking in people who are ready to take those opportunities. Your nationality notwithstanding, you can prosper and not just be an ordinarily prosperous person, you can become a stupendously prosperous person if only you can learn how to take hold of your emotions and not let past failures and rejections affect you.

2. I decided to be odd among everyone else.

The lion's share of every resource on earth will go to those people who are as bold as a lion, it will never go to a small-minded or mouse-like person.

Using my experience above, everyone else was seated, clapping and shouting for joy, I was the only one standing. Try to picture it in your mind and you'll know it's going to feel like "Everybody is looking at you and passing judgements". However, if you are not courageous enough to do what other people cannot attempt, then exceptional resources cannot fall on your lap.

There has to be a trait of exception in you for you to deserve a special type of attention.

The Billionaire Writer, Success tips, how to win in life

Everybody writing their proposals a particular way doesn't mean you have to do yours the same way, everyone is singing a type of song at a particular season doesn't mean you have to do the same, everyone else is reading overnight does not imply that you have to do likewise! Yours might just be to do something different that everyone else sees as too conspicuous or rare. Find out what works for you and make good use of your stones - your peculiar idea.

3. Have desires and expectations.

There was nothing the book was going to mean to me if I hadn't desired to have the same level of success I had seen from a living person who had read the same book. I could have just said, " Oh, it's just another book!" 

This is the same way we must approach life and this can be achieved by hearing great people talk, reading their biographies, and interviews or attending their seminars. This gives you as a person, a real picture of greatness which is not limited to what you have seen only on Television or in magazines. Having expectations helps you to make maximum use of opportunities when they come. 

Your desires can only be trimmed properly when your emotions are in the right state which is why all these three are important markers of a prosperous person.

I hope to hear your success story soon, too. Goodbye!

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