Uncover the Hidden Gems: Carpe Diem and Discover Life's Extraordinary Moments

What-ifs are for fools. We are here because we are meant to be.” ~ Obert Skye

I'm not sure I agree with this quote. Nobody wants to be going through a phase and hear phrases like "It's part of your destiny" or "What's meant to be will be, so just persevere." There are numerous situations in life that appear wrong to us, and these instances might occur in your academics, your job, and, most importantly, your relationships with people. It is unfair to study what we don't like or want but continue to study because we assume what is meant for us will come. Same with relationships, relationships can become quite difficult if we choose to overthink things when it comes to what we humans call "feelings." 

“Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together.” ~ Scott Neustadter

This quote, I believe, describes many of us. This is what I meant before when I said that relationships can be unjust in some instances. Is it possible to fall in love with someone who isn't meant to be your partner? Yes! If not, where did the phrase "unrequited love" originate? The problem isn't falling in love with the wrong person, nor is it struggling to study something you don't enjoy. The challenge now is figuring out what to do now that you've recognized there's another alternative you'd like to pursue but can't.

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And the solution is straightforward: "Live in the moment, carpe diem." And that's what I'd like to share with you today, how to live in the moment. 


I'm going through a moment in my life that calls for "carpe diem interference," so I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing and how it's going so far. 


Most of us would have come across the popular five stages of grief which are: 

  • Denial, 

  • Anger, 

  • Bargaining, 

  • Depression and 

  • Acceptance 

When we first recognize that things aren't going as planned, we begin to convince ourselves that it's all part of the plan and that it's simply a phase that will eventually lead to where you want to go, and this is stage 1, DENIAL. When things continue to go wrong despite our best efforts to remain positive by rejecting them, it is only natural for us to grow angry, and this is stage 2, ANGER. Now that we've noticed all that's going on, we start bargaining, trying to see whether letting go of one will result in a better result in the other, which gets us to stage 3, BARGAINING. But since the negotiations failed, nothing appears to be working no matter what you try, and deep down, you just want to let go, and that's the worst part, the part that makes you feel like the worst person on the planet, stage 4, DEPRESSION. Finally, after going through all of these stages, when the frustration finally hits, when you're sick of stressing, hating, and feeling horrible, you'll have no choice but to accept. Accept whatever you may ask. Accept the reality, accept your circumstances; this is stage 5, ACCEPTANCE. 

The only way to go to the next step of living in the moment is to effectively complete these phases since they serve as a gateway to the other steps.


Carpe diem, The Prosperity Ark

Being truthful to oneself is an example of honesty. Do not deceive yourself about your circumstances; no one knows the truth that directly affects you better than you, and the only way to move forward is to embrace the truth and seek alternatives. I don't understand why people prefer to deceive themselves only to harm themselves. It's your body, your thinking, and you can mourn and yell the truth all day in your head. Just don't let the reality depress you; you can always modify the circumstance to suit you. Accept the facts and then start looking for an option that works for you. 


This has been the hardest stage for me, and perhaps for the majority of us. It's difficult not to overthink when you've embraced the truth and know that acting on that reality is going to change everything. But would you really be living in the moment if you were thinking in your head? Living in the moment does not imply making hasty decisions; rather, it involves accepting the situation as it is and making the most of each moment. So, get out of your head and don't allow anything hold you back, save your personal reasoning; if it's not that, I don't see why you should be afraid. 

I try to keep my steps to three since I believe that three is the ideal amount of advise you need if properly followed. So, don't be afraid or concerned; life is far nicer and easier than most of us see. We simply have to live it. 

"Because some things are never meant to be anything more than a moment. And that was one of them." ~ Kevin Brooks

Live, laugh, love!

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  1. Fact about reality

  2. "Accepting and Making the most of it"... How do I accept I'm dying and make the most of it easily.

    1. I'll emphasize on the "easily" you added in your statement. Facing such reality can never be easy for anyone, not even the strongest ones but, gradually accepting it should suffice. You can make the most of your moment the minute you accept your reality. It might be hurtful but face it head-on. Just for one reason only, to not have regrets; because you only live once.💜


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