5 Businesses You Can Start In 2024

The Prosperity Ark

One of the greatest ways to add value to anybody regardless of their age, socioeconomic status or race is to provide what they need. Selling, business as a whole is a necessity for you to experience harvest and massive prosperity. 

A major godly equation in wealth is WORK.

The desire to see people happy and satisfied is what will propel you to start up a business. This habit of going out of your way to satisfy people in society is your love walk. When you sell, you are in love, not in strife.

1. Agriculture

A never-ceasing basket of abundance for great wealth anywhere in the world sits directly in the agricultural sector.

Planting crops, raising animals like fowl, sheep, goats, and rams, producing dairy, and wool extraction among others.

Many times, when agriculture is mentioned, we subconsciously think about Mr Ben. with the hoe across his shoulders in our primary school textbooks. However, agriculture is more than that; you could go the ‘Mr Ben’ way and you can also go the commercial way, employing thousands of workers and eliminating unemployment around you.

2. Food Businesses

There is nothing you cannot learn to do and so, if you aren't the ‘kitchen type’, you can learn how to cook. Better still, you can employ experts in the trade and have them do the manual work while you take charge of the administration.

A typical example is the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The owner of this business is not in every country at the same time, however, their products are making waves and satisfying people all around the world.

The Prosperity Ark

As a food businessman or woman, you can go into food processing, cooking, restaurants, baking and making different types and flavours of drinks.

3. Personal Services

This entails going into people's homes to help out with certain chores and get paid in return. These include running errands, cleaning up, babysitting, home tutoring and styling.

To a certain extent, rendering personal services requires that you have a high emotional quotient to assist you in human relations.

4. Writing and Publishing

The world is a global village and as a result of this, there is a continuous transition of people from one country to another and from one continent to the next. This has facilitated an increased need for writers and publishers in various native languages of the world. 

This year, get intentional about learning a new language or an about-to-be-extinct language. This places you on a plane of very high value.

5. Mobile Vendors

This encompasses all types of products that can be sold and bought on the go. Mobile bookshops, mobile cafes, mobile cleaning services, mobile kitchens and every other mobile business you could ever think of.

This year, let no one tell you otherwise that you have no use. Look out and you will discover so many things in nature waiting for your unique touch to make it beautiful.


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