Poetry - The Cedar of Lebanon


The Cedar of Lebanon,

With strength second to none,

Silent yet speaks vigour,

With dexterity akin to that'f the Canon,

Wells up,in and out, breath for all!

The Cedar of Lebanon,

The Mighty Lebanon Cedar,

Escapes disease like a plague,

Would flourish by and by the lake,

Wins in the hall, the ancient prize!

The Prosperity Ark

The Cedar of Lebanon,

The Mighty Lebanon Cedar,

An Admiral of poise conquest,

Showcasing royalty to the core,

With fragrance leaving us in awe!

The Cedar of Lebanon, 

When given,puts the Crown on,

Grows in great green majesty,

With unconstrued length and heights still,

What a dynasty!

Here's a special gift from me to you,while writing this,I learnt something new:

The botanical name for the Lebanon cedar is

Cedrus libani

Happy reading...

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