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Our College experience as young champs had us gladly going through teachings and classes, for wholesome parts of our lives.

Do you remember when? Permit me to impersonate subjects, Mr Economics told us he always had that scale of preference we needed to work by, and then came Mr English who taught the various Parts of Speech. Needless to say, we saw Miss Mathematics bring BODMAS to the horizon. All of this points us to the hallmark of setting our priorities right by putting first things first.

These ways have never failed, Here are ways in which we can boldly state, this is the priority:

The Prosperity Ark

1. Be earnest in your approach. 

Have a repeated concentrated approach. Be deliberate, do not give excuses anymore. There is much more to you, there is a great destiny for you to fulfil, so go get it. Earnestness connotes staying there until you get that result, whether it takes a whole day or five whole days, you be earnest in your approach and come out with your results.

You'll be glad you did.

2. Have a heartfelt approach. 

This writing of mine is from my heart to yours that's how to be. In all we do, we must put our hearts into it, there is an atmosphere of heartfelt approach to our work, that people note when they come in contact with us. 

As earlier discussed, whether it takes a whole day or five whole days, put your heart into that project again and yet again.

3. Have a continued approach.

One of the ways to get at that priority you placed is, having a continued approach. Simply put, the opposite of continuing is discontinuing, which means to stop. So do not stop, keep going, continue, follow through, and please do not give up, there's a lot to be birthed. Keep the greenlight of your life always on.

The Prosperity Ark

Have a continued approach.

4. Knowing that you are righteous and so, you cannot be wrong.


We finally arrived.

There is so much freedom and confidence that flows from within us when we know that we are righteous and we deserve the best. Do you know why?

Life will ask you questions that make you second guess yourself but no more. This is because you have lost the ability to second-guess yourself. It's just not there anymore, it's now replaced with confidence.

It is time to arise and shine, with the knowing that you are right, you deserve the best, nothing is too good for you.💌

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