Smile: The Response for a Healthy Life

Writing this amazing piece made me realise that there is something that happens when I choose to smile. It is as though right at that moment, all my worries  dissipate. 

The Prosperity Ark

How restful! How wholesome!! How true!!!

Let me show you one way to do this and properly too:

1.Do not dwell on your problems, dwell on your solutions.

I have found that a problem is only a problem because it needs a solution. Solutions are in victory because they solved problems. There is nothing that you have termed a problem, which makes you worry that does not have a solution. You need strength for life's journey and one way to keep strength is by rejoicing. Smile through your journey. Rejoice! 

2. Even in the moment where it seems, joy is the hardest place to be in, rejoice!

It has been medically proven that smiling  releases endorphins (natural pain relievers and natural mood boosters), and reduces stress. A happy heart makes the face joyful. That would imply that a sad heart makes the face sap of joy. 

Truth be told, if we analyse some situations properly, having a frown on your face, only makes it worse. You are able to smile when you have joy welled up within you. This week, make a conscious decision to smile, to relax and to rejoice.


You are not alone. The Unseen One still sees you. He watches over you, He does not sleep nor slumber. That means a whole lot!

The knowing that every time you are asleep or awake, someone is watching over you, keeping you and ensuring that you are safe. What manner of love! This is your assurance, that even in this perilous situation, you're coming out as gold.

A truly wise man called E.W Kenyon once said in his book, "You are going out after that job with the smile of a victor—not the smile of a man who is trying to smile, but the man who smiles in spite of himself. You can sell more easily with a gracious smile than you can with a dead, unresponsive countenance." 

It means you have the capacity to function a thousand times more when you are in the right environment and when you are the right environment.

The Prosperity Ark

Actions speak louder than words, so let's do this - let's smile. I am assured you will feel much better when you do that. Till we meet again, keep joy alive! 

You deserve to have a good and joyful life.

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