How Do I Trust Again?

Trusting someone might be something a lot of us find easy to do, at the same time it might be something we struggle a lot with. The group you belong to is linked to a lot of factors.

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Depending on someone, resting on the assurance that he or she has your back can be pretty scary and also a very nice feeling. The way we perceive things all boils down to the experiences we had while journeying through life. It could be traumas, abuse, disappointments, betrayal in relationships and a lot more.


Everyone should get to live life to the fullest, to love, live and to be loved. This experience won't be possible if you are unable to get your guard down a little and let life take its course. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of your trust issues.

1. Accept these issues exist: Well this looks or sounds so simple to do and yes it can be so. When you begin to notice yourself withdrawing from others, avoiding anything relating to commitments, pointing fingers easily, overthinking and assuming things, then it's time to sit down and think about what may be happening to you and know what exactly is going on with you.

2. Find out the root of your issues: After accepting that there are issues that need to be taken care of, getting to find out what those issues stem from is important in getting rid of them. It might be an experience or different things accumulating into that large wall. The cause sometimes determines the cure. We find it painful to remember those experiences you've shuffled down, but what happens when it builds up into a mountain you can't seem to get out of your way? Sometimes, the fault also comes from us. Talking about it, and writing it down helps you analyse the situation.

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You can also tell it to someone like talking to a therapist who gives a professional hearing to situations like this helps a lot.

One thing a bad experience does is lower our self-esteem, the fear of being the cause of things happening around you leads to getting into more relationships to ascertain you are enough or okay, but this doesn't help. leave yourself to heal, take time to give yourself love, and withdraw if you find yourself overwhelmed, as long as it gets you back into a better shape. And when you get to mingle again, make sure to do it right.

4. Communicate your worries or fears: This day, decide to not assume you know what the situation is without hearing from the other party. Most times the hurt we feel is caused by our perceptions of things which may turn out to be wrong. Let the other party know what doesn't sit well with you, allow them to adjust and give them a chance to love you, for you.

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. 

So let's get rid of those fears that keep us from the things we love and reach out to hold them tightly, soon we'll find out those thoughts and assumptions were all made up by figments of our imagination.

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