Why Self-Discipline is the Secret to Success in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Self-discipline means doing what you need to do, when you need to do it, irrespective of how you feel. It means the ability of a person to leave the realm of "feelings" and instead, focus on taking action. The ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a better way without needing outer motivation or being forced entails a sense of discipline.

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Your potential is your capability to become successful in what you do. It is that treasure in you that is yet to be made use of. So, we say a fifteen-year-old has the potential to become a good president - not because he is the president but because he has what it takes to become a president in the future. Potentials are meant to be discovered, harnessed, used, rinse and repeat and this cannot happen automatically but requires a level of work on the part of a person.

As a person, you must have made plans to succeed. This means that you act on your discretion and do not give yourself excuses to be lazy. It takes a lot of commitment to be able to see the possibilities within your school work or business to unlock your inner resources and unleash your potential.

How Does Self Discipline Relate To Potentials?

1. Self-discipline helps to boost your confidence. 

You can approach people, take opportunities that arise and seek help when needed because you know that you have the capital to get your work done. Your discipline gives you a first capital greater than money and places you in the limelight. 

 2. Self-discipline helps you to create life-long habits. This is because habits, good or bad, are a function of a person in his environment. Like insects, habits metamorphose through the cue, craving, response, and reward phases.

Such habits include getting rid of laxity in work, lateness or a nonchalant attitude.

3. Self-discipline helps you to get rid of people, activities and behaviours that will mar your progress.

Friendships and relationships are important and are major factors that foster good success. However, an intelligent person must know when to draw boundaries and keep certain people out either by the way they talk or behave. Your activities and behaviours are also checked when you are self-disciplined, you know then that it is only right to sleep early instead of staying up all night watching movies.

You should have goals as a student or as a person, generally - I want to graduate with first-class, I want to win grants for my business, I want to become a professor, I want to represent my school in debates and another unending list goes on. However, as easy as it is to create goals, it takes self-discipline to stay with them and to do what it takes to achieve them. It is learned by the determination to stay true to your commitment against all odds. 

Some strategies that will help in maintaining your discipline are highlighted here; 

1. Identify your weakness and confront it.

Identifying your weaknesses in your school work and then, confronting them by asking questions, working with the brightest minds in your class, reading, believing for the best, asking questions where necessary and not keeping your academic problems to yourself.

 2. Set your plans.

Get a timetable to work with, work while using journals, have a scheduled itinerary per day, if possible, join tutorial groups, and have friends among your seniors in the industry. Do not be too proud to befriend your seniors because you feel you are older, more experienced or more intelligent than them!

3. Remove unnecessary distractions.

Those movies you spend time watching can be reduced or those parties you waste all day going to can be skipped too.

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You are not in school to be a party bird, you are in school to learn and succeed, you didn't come to this world to always be a social butterfly; it will impede your plans for your future. Stop letting people tag you with some unnecessary and distracting titles.

4. Visualize the long-term reward.

It is not always easy to read textbooks and slides but what must keep you going is the reward you will get at the end of the day. Graduating with a first class or as the best student in your class will cancel out the "stress" you feel you are experiencing in school. Picturing the millions that will come in when you take time out to write a proposal well is also a manor form of motivation.

5. Recover from past mistakes.

Everyone has had a taste of the bitter pill of failure at one point or the other. But what differentiates a disciplined person from all other people is the ability to bounce back and cover your losses. Never wallow in your failure, you are not the first or the last person to fail, get rid of the victim's mindset trying to plague you and energise yourself for future battles ahead. 

You are a success, all you need is to learn discipline alongside.

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